#avengers #i feel like this guy must have had a fascinating life #and i need fic of it imminently

yes! this guy is a BAMF

#He knew Peggy Carter #He was once in the army #That’s how he knew her # He never wanted to be in the army #He hated it # Hated the way men pushed other men around # Hated that they thought they were more powerful than anyone else # He always hated them # He knew that there are men in the world like that # So he would not bend to the will of a man who thought they were better or more powerful than another

I’ve always felt like this guy knew who Captain America was. Like as soon as he dropped in, this guy was like “Hey, I remember you. I remember you from when I was a boy. You were a hero.”

Yep. That’s what I think.

He was the boy with the Garbage top Shield! He was the that little boy who wanted to be like him. Better never could. So he took his chance then to be a hero.

I had always assumed he was a survivor of the Holocaust and was talking about Hitler.

You know, because he’s German, and they’re in Germany.

I’ve always assumed the boy with the Captain America garbage shield was Phil. That just stuck in my mind. But this man, to met, is one of the boys who picked up the scrap metal that we saw in the small film in Captain America. You remember? how they picked up scrap metal to help the bigger guys in the army? Maybe know he’s grown up and he has his chance to become one of the bigger guys.

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